Moolah Beach is the first season of the RSF Series franchise. This season featured twenty contestants competing in pairs in order to claim the win.

Winners: BOBROCKS333 & ohhayy

Contestants: 20

Episodes: 8

Team Colors:
     - Black
     - Blue
     - Brown
     - Gold
     - Gray
     - Green
     - Orange
     - Pink
     - Red
     - Yellow


Male Avatars
PlayerOriginal SeasonFinish
BOBROCKS333 N/A Winner
Tykeal N/A Runner-Up
alexfl N/A Third Place
austino15fffan N/A Episode 7
turney1805 N/A Episode 6
Survivor8 N/A Episode 5
tinydancer N/A Episode 4
gxvgxv94 N/A Episode 3
black0ut247 N/A Episode 2
talldude_1031 N/A Episode 1
Female Avatars
PlayerOriginal SeasonFinish
ohhayy N/A Winner
LilAngelBaby N/A Runner-Up
Selene365 N/A Third Place
QueenDoe N/A Episode 7
Yingyang N/A Episode 6
Leacroft N/A Episode 5
BB5lover N/A Episode 4
brittanyfierce N/A Episode 3
Diva1 N/A Episode 2
bobcatmascot16 N/A Episode 1


Color Partners Finish
     - Blue bobcatmascot16 talldude_1031 10th
     - Brown black0ut247 Diva1 9th
     - Black brittanyfierce gxvgxv94 8th
     - Yellow BB5lover tinydancer 7th
     - Gold Leacroft Survivor8 6th
     - Pink turney1805 Yingyang 5th
     - Gray austino15fffan QueenDoe 4th
     - Green alexfl Selene365 3rd
     - Red LilAngelBaby Tykeal 2nd
     - Orange BOBROCKS333 ohhayy 1st